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Thompson Stone

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The Art of Wine


client: Misc. + Personal Work

scope: illustration, typography

Posters and Illustration

A collection of posters and illustrations created over the years for both personal and client projects.

client: Misc. + Personal Work

scope: illustration, typography

Techno Posters

Detroit's underground techno scene is one of it's best kept secrets. In an effort to celebrate this lesser-known part of the city, I designed a handful of commemorative posters for some of the more notable shows during the years I lived there.

Yonomi Product Illustrations

Yonomi allows you to easily manage settings for your smart home, car, and mobile devices in a single app. Together with All Hands Design, we worked to expand, refine, and clarify the brand's illustration style, bringing fresh energy to the Austin based startup. The following illustrations and infographics were created for use as in-house marketing and promotional materials.

Movement Climbing

Movement is home to some of the best indoor climbing in the Denver area. Each year they host a variety of product showcases, workshops, competitions and community events aimed at strengthening the Denver climbing community. During my time working as Movement's Production Director I had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects for the team, primarily focused on event branding, social media strategy, and content creation.

Ozo Coffe Posters

Poster illustrations for events at Ozo Coffee's Boulder, CO locations.

Personal Work

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